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Clint Capela’s Wikipedia page hilariously updated after Clippers incident

Clint Capela

In the aftermath of the game between the L.A. Clippers and Houston Rockets, many unbelievable things happened.

Several Rockets players reportedly attempted to enter the Clippers locker room after the game. The NBA is expected to investigate that incident.

Also, Austin Rivers may have played a key role in the escalation of the incident after using some choice words toward Trevor Ariza. People who follow the NBA chimed in all over Twitter as all the reports were coming out, and some of their reactions were hilarious.

But it’s possible that the most hilarious reaction was when a user on Wikipedia edited the biography of one Clint Capela, who reportedly knocked on the door of the Clippers locker room before immediately being turned away. It was seen as a distraction in order to allow his Rockets teammates to enter through the tunnel connecting both locker rooms, per the official Twitter account of Sporting News.

Just the idea that Capela was used as a diversion for his teammates is too funny. These are adults, NBA players who are professional athletes and normally conduct themselves as such.

But every now and again, something prompts the kids in them to come out and display kid behavior. Last night was one of those times.

Below is one of the best tweets describing Capela as Houston’s Trojan horse.

The internet is nothing short of amazing, and there should be some sort of Pulitzer price to award great tweets of this nature. But let’s also take a moment to thank the NBA, because without it and its petty players, none of this would be possible.

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