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Clint Capela signs 5-year extension with the Houston Rockets

Clint Capela

The Houston Rockets finally signed their man. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Rockets and Clint Capela have an agreement on a five-year, $90 million extension.

Making a deal with Capela was at the top of Daryl Morey’s offseason priorities, but it took longer to find an agreement than many Rockets fans would have liked. But regardless, the Rockets are bringing back one of the most important pieces on a team that nearly dethroned the vaunted Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

Capela anchored the defense with his ability to defend the perimeter and control the pain with his elite rim protection. Additionally, on offense Capela was a vital part of the pick and roll last season. With pick and roll aficionados, Chris Paul and James Harden, Capela thrived in an offense that allowed him ample opportunities as the roll man.

In fact, according to Synergy, Capela 1.34 points per possession as the roll man last season. That mark placed Capela in the 91st percentile in the league. Capela firmly cemented himself as one of the elite big men in the league in 2017-18.

Moreover, Houston is a perfect situation for Capela due to his seamless fit with the aforementioned Paul and Harden. Houston’s offensive scheme allows Capela to do what he does best. Attack the rim and finish everything up close. Capela led the league in field goal percentage last season with a shooting mark of 65.2 percent.

Bringing back Capela was a necessity for Mike D’Antoni’s squad. It took until midway through the summer to sign him, but the Rockets are poised for another fantastic season.

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