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Clint Capela in line to dethrone DeAndre Jordan’s 5-year reign as most efficient scorer

clint capela, deandre jordan

Houston Rockets center Clint Capela is on pace to dethrone DeAndre Jordan’s reign of terror as the most efficient scorer in the league. The L.A. Clippers center has held the title since the 2012-13 season, but he has met his match during this 2017-18 campaign, as Capela has grown into an integral piece of the Rockets’ equation and one who has been at its utmost efficient, shooting a whopping 65.5 percent from the field.

Jordan closely trails for the second-highest percentage at 64.2 percent, with a margin slim enough to allow for either to take over the top spot.

Both players have something in common during all these successful seasons — playing alongside dime maestro Chris Paul.

Paul has made average centers evolve into more-than-competent cogs of the offense, the likes of Tyson Chandler and Chris Andersen flourished thanks to Paul’s eye for the lob pass and expertise in positioning.

The 6-foot All-Star point guard has also worked the pick-and-roll to mastery, with shining pieces like David West and Blake Griffin.

And while this could be merited to Paul’s acquisition, Capela has made plenty of improvements this season, allowing his screen game to reap more benefits than just getting his teammate some space, but finding himself open as well for uncontested shots at the rim.

Capela’s athletic, high-flying ability has now been adorned with a better intellect and experience on the floor, which has garnered the ultimate confidence from head coach Mike D’Antoni, which has resulted in more minutes.

The Swiss international is averaging 14.1 points, 10.9 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks per game, growing into his peak — a huge reason why they reportedly turned down a trade for Jordan earlier in the season.

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