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Chris Paul’s low key jab at Blake Griffin after Clippers-Rockets game

Chris Paul, Blake Griffin

Everyone loves to watch a good rivalry intensify, and we definitely got something brewing with the Houston Rockets and the L.A. Clippers. You could tell that last night was just a preview. They are grown men with a lot of pride, and this doesn’t end with one team going to the other’s locker room for a confrontation.

Imagine if master instigator Patrick Beverley, a former Rocket and now a Clipper, was in the game.

Nevertheless, whether it’s calls not being consistent, Trevor Ariza getting heated with Austin Rivers, or tough-minded guys Gerald Green and P.J. Tucker further igniting the fire, all of the bad blood can be rooted to one thing: the long-running feud between former teammates Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

Paul and Griffin had a shaky relationship while with the Clippers, particularly towards the end of their run, and in the post-game interviews Sunday, the now-Rockets guard sounded like he sent out a subtle shot Griffin’s way:

“They’ve got Lou Will. Lou Will is the guy. You know what I mean? That’s the go-to guy, the guy that they should play through and stuff like that. He having a great year, and he tough. He tough, man.”

We might be stirring something that it isn’t there, but it really has all the makings of a low-key jab. Lou Williams is having a big year for the Clippers (career-high 23.3 points per game), but everyone knows that he’s still the second option behind Griffin.

The Rockets and the Clippers will meet again at Staples Center on February 28. The Clips lead the season series, 2-0.

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