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Chris Paul’s alleged involvement in post-game locker room fiasco

Chris Paul, James Harden

The L.A. Clippers put an end to the Houston Rockets’ three-game winning streak on Monday night, winning the game 113-102. It ended on a low note for the Rockets, which is why they decided to resolve things by going to the Clippers’ locker room.

Chris Paul, James Harden, Gerald Green, and Trevor Ariza all pushed their way to find the Clippers players after the game had concluded. These Rockets players managed to slip past the back hallway which connects the dressing rooms.

Upon reaching, Rockets center Clint Capela then knocked on the door gently. Someone then opened the door and after seeing Capela stand there, the person immediately shut the door on him.

What happened after that is unknown. But according to ESPN, the Rockets players were then escorted out by security personnel before things turned physical.

Before any of this happened, Austin Rivers, who was on the sideline due to an ankle injury, was in an argument with Trevor Ariza. Blake Griffin then joined the commotion afterward.

This happened in the late minutes of the fourth quarter. The team was hesitant to discuss further details on what happened during the locker room fiasco.

Griffin joked about the questions thrown at him by saying that he just said that he was going to Ariza’s birthday party. Clippers coach Doc Rivers also said that all he could say was that he and his team were inside their locker room, while some of the Rockets players weren’t in theirs.

Things got heated up during the last four minutes of regulation when Paul was called for a personal foul after Griffin scored, much to his disbelief. Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni was also seen to say heated words toward Griffin. This resulted in them getting double technicals.

Griffin then got another technical after engaging in an exchange with Ariza. They were later ejected.

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