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Chris Paul says no changes were made to Rockets’ game plan

Chris Paul, James Hardne

The Houston Rockets seemingly changed their strategy in their Game 2 against the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. However, Rockets star guard Chris Paul revealed that no changes were made in their blueprint.

After the game, Paul was asked by the media if they did anything different to their defensive game plan. Paul replied:

“No. Surprisingly we didn’t change anything. We guarded the same way. I mean obviously, we played harder. But scheme-wise we didn’t change anything. We just did everything a little harder as we talked about yesterday.”

Below is the full interview:

The Rockets limited the Warriors to just nine 3-pointers on 30 percent shooting in Game 2. It was a good improvement from the Rockets’ perspective, as they allowed 13 long-distance makes in Game 1 on 39.4 percent shooting. The Warriors also had 15 turnovers in Game 2, as opposed to just nine in Game 1. These little differences piled up, allowing the Rockets to take the victory.

Prior to Game 2, critics said that Mike D’Antoni’s strategy needs to change, particularly his offensive playstyle. But according to him, they won’t change a thing. As reported by Tim MacMahon of ESPN:

“That’s what we do. We are who we are, and we’re pretty good at it. And we can’t get off who we are. Embrace it. Just be better at who we are and don’t worry about if somebody else solves the puzzle a different way.”

Harden echoed his coach’s statement:

“That’s what we do,” Harden said. “That’s what we’ve been doing all year long. We went literally two months and I think maybe lost a game or two by doing what we do. So it won’t change. We’ve just got to do it better.”

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