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Chris Paul is the reason why Rockets on track to sign Carmelo Anthony

chris paul, carmelo anthony

The Chris Paul’s Houston Rockets are at the top of Carmelo Anthony’s list once he devises a manner in which to part ways with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Clutch City is largely viewed as the frontrunner to land the perennial scorer after they pursued him last offseason, but the reason the team feels confident his landing in Houston won’t be a crash-and-burn are his deep ties to dime maestro Paul, according to Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports.

Paul is not only Anthony’s close friend but a genius when it comes to yielding the most out of the talent on the floor, likely to manage the game in a way where Anthony is putting points on the board without stalemating the offense.

The Rockets don’t plan to change their iso-heavy ways, but Anthony will be used as a marksman, rather than a go-to one-on-one option.

Houston is banking on these two All-Star talents to come to a mutual understanding of how to play together within the system that already banners reigning Most Valuable Player James Harden, while reducing any potential confrontations with former coach Mike D’Antoni, who was ousted from the New York Knicks after he was met with an ultimatum from the 10-time All-Star and Knicks’ management.

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