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Chris Paul gives props to James Harden for being a ‘really good post-defender’


Contrary to what people see and believe, Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets believes that teammate James Harden is an excellent defender.

After their win 126-124 win over the Detroit Pistons, Paul commended Harden for his excellent stance of defense on the low post. As per Salman Ali of ESPN:

“James is a really good post-defender and I think people forget that….His all-around game tonight was unbelievable.”

This is coming from Paul — a Rockets talent who has been selected to the All-NBA Defensive First Team seven times, and All-NBA Defensive Second team twice. Paul’s not just showering praises because Harden is his teammate. He’s simply speaking the facts.

A look at the statistics might not fully show how good a defender Harden is. But on Wednesday, he certainly contributed on all facets of the game, just like Paul said. Harden finished with 43 points, nine assists, and seven rebounds. He shot 10-of-20 from the field and was a perfect, 19-of-19 from the free throw line. He also added four steals to his name.

Paul, for his part, added 20 points and seven assists. Slowly and surely, the Rockets are finding their groove. They now have a 9-7 record and have won five straight games. Out of their last 10, they’ve won eight.

They will face the Pistons once again in Michigan on Friday. Then the Rockets head to Ohio to battle with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday.

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