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Chris Broussard says LeBron James fits better with Lakers than Rockets

LeBron James

Where LeBron James is going will be the hottest topic of this summer’s free agency period, and honestly it might be the hottest topic right now.

Everyone has an opinion on where LeBron James should go, and Chris Broussard joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd and gave his two cents worth.

He talked about how he doesn’t think LeBron is the right fit with Houston because of the chemistry playing alongside James Harden.

“Is James Harden going to step aside and say I’m number two? Wherever Lebron goes the superstar has to be willing to step aside and say I am number two now. If it were Kevin Durant it would be different because he can catch and shoot and he can play off the ball, but a guy who has to handle it a lot is going to have some issue playing with LeBron.”

Colin Cowherd agrees with that point and believes that’s why the Lakers are the best fit.

“LeBron knows the Lakers point guard isn’t a shooter. Lakers would be Cleveland players where they look up to LeBron, with talent….He knows deep down that Houston has no bench and it would be weird.”

They go on to talk about how Lonzo is perfect because he can hit the three but gets rid of the ball fast and really uses ball movement.

Broussard also believes that LaVar Ball could be a deterrent, but won’t be a deal breaker. He thinks that if the Lakers team looks good enough for him to play on, LaVar wouldn’t be the reason that he doesn’t come.

They also talked about how the 76ers aren’t the right fit because the 76ers are injury prone, and they don’t have enough three-point shooting on the team at this point.

Now, of course, that could change, but both of those guys feel that at this point, the Lakers are the right fit for the King’s talent.

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