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Chris Bosh lists Rockets, Warriors, Raptors as his top three team options if he returns

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After dealing with blood clots that many believed would end his NBA Career, Chris Bosh was on First Take on Thursday morning and said he was ready to make a comeback.

“I’ve been in the gym,” he said. “I can still play basketball. No. I’m not done yet. Yeah, I’m trying to come back. Man, I see all these guys shooting 3’s and not playing defense, and, man, I’m saying I’ve got to get some of it.”

When it comes to health he does say that some teams would probably clear him, and some wouldn’t, it depends on each individual doctor.

“Medicine is like law. That’ I’ve come to find out, It’s very gray area. Some people say yes. Some people say no. Usually it’s about what the majority agrees to, and usually sometimes it’ll take somebody to kind of have some revolutionary plan or something like that. I’m not going to be in a position where I’m risking my life, so if I ever get back on the court like that and people are worried, it’s not going to be a life-risking situation.”

Bosh told First Take he was looking to come back next year, but he is healthy enough and ready to play this year if any teams come knocking.

He also said that he is looking to play for a team in the top three of his list. When asked for his list, he said,

“I would say Houston, Golden State, man Toronto is playing well right now, I would put them in the top three.”

When asked if he would rather go to the Cleveland Cavaliers or Toronto Raptors, Bosh said he would go to whoever makes him the best offer. As we creep closer to that March 1st deadline that players have to be on the roster to compete in the playoffs, it will be interesting to see if Bosh finds a landing spot.


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