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Charles Barkley sees a potential sweep on the Rockets in West Finals

Kevin Durant, James Harden

Charles Barkley was happy for the Houston Rockets after finally eliminating the Utah Jazz and moved on to the Western Conference Finals.

Right after the game, Barkley and his co-hosts discussed the Rockets’ next opponent — the Golden State Warriors. Barkley said:

“We knew that this was going to be the match up back in October. But the Rockets can’t beat the Warriors.”

“I don’t want to say anything stupid. I’d be surprised if it went more than five games.”

Below is the full clip, where Shaquille O’Neal also voiced out his thoughts, agreeing with that of Barkley:

The Rockets took all three games in their season series with the Warriors. These are important facts yet Barkley knows that the playoffs are different.

The Warriors might not have been the best team in the regular season, but their playoff experience already speaks volumes about what they are capable of.

Klay Thompson, after Game 3, noted that there are no shortcuts to a championship. Many believe that they’ll end up battling the Rockets in the conference finals. But for Thompson, they take it one step at a time. Per Mark Medina of The Mercury News:

“So it’s human nature to look beyond and see what’s ahead. But for us, why we’ve been so successful is because every series means something to us, whether it’s the first round or second round or the Finals. It’s a badge of honor anytime you win an NBA series. I know a lot of guys who haven’t even won one. Tonight is another opportunity to put another notch under my belt.”

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