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Carmelo Anthony will do whatever it takes to win championship

carmelo anthony

There have been many words said about new Houston Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony. Not too many of those have to do with winning championships, however. At least until now.

Speaking at Houston’s media day, Anthony made it clear what his focus is at the moment. Alykhan Bijani of the Athletic and Tim MacMahon of ESPN both provided a few of the quotes from Anthony about his mind’s state coming into the season.

It is a firm 180-degree turn from Anthony’s stance about coming off the bench in previous statements. The 15-year veteran had made it clear in the past that coming off the bench was not an option, basically laughing at the assertion early last season with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Throughout his career, it has been a common theme that Anthony is only worried about himself, his money, and statistics. That tune is slowly changing as he winds down his career.

Anthony has made more than enough money throughout his time in the NBA and has never been on a team with a better chance at success than the 2018 Rockets. He also has some comfort on the team as one of his best friends, Chris Paul, also calls Houston home.

It is easy to make these statements before the grind of a long season officially begins. The real tests will come after a few straight losses, a grueling road-stretch, or a few nights where Anthony doesn’t see big-time minutes.

If he still speaks in the same manner then, we can confidently concede that Carmelo Anthony is truly in-it-to-win-it.

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