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Carmelo Anthony to prepare for Rockets’ fast-paced offense by being in the best shape of his life

Carmelo trains for a new season

Despite having two budding superstars by his side, 10-time All-Star and new Houston Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony is not keen on taking things lightly next season.

The 34-year old sweet-shooting forward will undergo one of the most rigid workouts of his career with his trainer, Chris Brickley, to brace for Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni’s run and gun, pace and space offense. D’Antoni’s calling card has always put utmost significance on 3-point shooting and pedal to the metal pace in offense.

This will bode well with Melo’s body of work as teams he played for have counted on him to deliver premier perimeter shooting.  However, the Rockets’ type of offense will be a concern for this will arguably be the first time in his career that Anthony will play in a fast-paced offensive system.

Add to that the wear-and-tear of his 17-season career and this will be a problem.

From Anthony’s trainer, Chris Brickley as told in Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson on Scoop B Radio:

“Especially with the situation that he’s going to be in. We’re just trying to get him in situations where he can pick and pop and run the lane. I never want him to get tired.”

With that, Brickley will put more attention on getting Anthony up and running during workouts, with shooting sets emphasizing 3-point drills. Through this workout regimen, Melo will get used to chunking up perimeter shots either by running ahead of the pack or trailing behind premier ball handlers, Chris Paul and James Harden.

With how Paul and Harden effectively attract defenses and double-teams by driving down the lane, kicking it out to a wide-open Carmelo Anthony will mess up other teams’ defensive schemes.

But before that, Anthony and Brickley have a lot of work to do with Melo coming off a career-low in points last season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He averaged 16.2 points in the regular season and went for a measly 35.7 3-point percentage. Despite that, the Rockets knew what they were getting and they’re counting on Anthony’s offseason work to prepare him for a better season.

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