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Carmelo Anthony says Thunder ‘wasn’t a good fit’

carmelo anthony

Carmelo Anthony’s stint as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder was a short-lived one, and while most combat his inability to adjust to a different role or come off the bench, the perennial 20-point scorer just saw it as a poor fit.

“At the end of the day, it wasn’t a good fit,” said Anthony, according to ESPN’s Jemele Hill. “I think last year — and I haven’t talked about this before — everything was just so rushed, going to the team for media day and the day before training camp. Them guys already had something in place, and then I come along in the 25th hour like, oh s***, Melo just come on and join us. Like, you can figure it out since you’ve been around the game for a long time. That’s why it was so inconsistent. At times, I had to figure it out on my own rather than somebody over there or people over there helping me.

The Thunder had a myriad of new things happening to them — from reeling in their first big-time player in Paul George to pulling the proverbial rug from underneath the Houston Rockets and snatching Anthony in a trade with the New York Knicks.

Despite knowing the risks that his $54-million contract meant for the next two years, trading for Anthony wasn’t completely fruitless, as it showed George that the front office was willing to surround him with winning pieces — and even if they struck out, it’s much more than what the Indiana Pacers had done for him, which ultimately sealed his long-term stay.

The Thunder also operated with delusion, trying to amass star power to compete with the defending champion Golden State Warriors, but the mix simply did not work, as they hoped to shoehorn a lifetime scorer into a support role — a true recipe for disaster.

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