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Carmelo Anthony says he still has it, knows game has to be fun

Carmelo Anthony

After a tumultuous season with the Oklahoma City Thunder last term, many believed that Houston Rockets newcomer Carmelo Anthony was already done for. The 34-year-old could not disagree more, and claimed in a recent interview that he is confident that he still has what it takes to play at the highest level.

According to Anthony, it’s all about his mindset.

“Just enjoy the game and play basketball,” said Anthony, via the Associated Press for the Boston Herald. “I’ve been doing it for a long time. I still know how to do it. I’ve just got to make it fun. The game just has to be fun.”

In this statement, it seems that Anthony has also taken a veiled shot at his former team, the OKC Thunder. He appears to be implying that the reason why things did not work out in Oklahoma was because he was not having fun. As proven by his unsuccessful single-season stint with the Thunder, he did not fit in well with the team and its system. Needless to say, Anthony also looked out of place paying alongside the likes or Russell Westrbook and Paul George.

Thankfully, it looks like Anthony has already found a home with the Rockets. As we all know, he is very good friends with Rockets point god Chris Paul, and surely, this had a lot to do with Anthony finding his passion for the game again in Houston.

Hopefully for Rockets supporters, a reinvigorated Anthony is ultimately able to help the team reach its goal of toppling the defending champions Golden State Warriors, en route to the team’s first title in over two decades.

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