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Carmelo Anthony is ‘as excited as Melo is gonna be’

carmelo anthony

It’s a brand new season and a fresh start for Carmelo Anthony — the newest member of the Houston Rockets. As he enters his 16th year in the league, Anthony is as excited as he’s ever been ahead of a new season.

Speaking at the Good ‘N Plenty podcast, Shams Charania of The Athletic revealed that Anthony has been working out with close buddy and now teammate Chris Paul. As transcribed by Rockets Wire, Charania shared:

“They’ve worked out a lot this past summer and everyone who was around the workout is telling me this is as excited as Melo is gonna be going into a season,” Charania said.

Anthony is excited not just because of he’s now part of a championship contender team for the first time in his career. It’s also because he’ll be teammates with Paul — one of the best guards in history and someone who’s very close to him.

“It was a tough past season for Melo, but I think being with—I don’t know how familiar he was with Russ, I think they had a relationship, but I don’t think his relationship with Russell Westbrook and Paul George was to the level that him, James Harden and Chris Paul are, especially Chris.”

Many counted out Anthony after his mediocre season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. But at the end of the day, perhaps Anthony didn’t just click with Russell Westbrook and Paul George. There’s no use at pointing fingers. Now, Anthony is with his best buddy and a team with a legitimate shot at the title.

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