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Carmelo Anthony goes off on hater comment on Instagram

Carmelo Anthony

Despite all of his career achievements, recent Houston Rockets acquisition Carmelo Anthony is currently one of the NBA’s biggest antagonists. The 34-year-old appears to have had it with his haters, recently cussing out on one of them on Instagram.

Rockets fan page Rockets Today posed a question on their Instagram account, asking its followers who they would pick between LeBron Jame and newcomer Carmelo Anthony.

Most of the votes understandably went in favor of the Los Angeles Lakers star, but there was one particular response that caught the eye of Anthony.

An account with a username @redskinstoday, which appears to be an affiliate of Rockets Today, answered the question along with some unsavory words for Melo. The 6-foot-8 forward came across the comment and took offense.

Here’s a screenshot of the exchange via Bleacher Report writer Chris Walder:

Carmelo Anthony

The arrival of Anthony in Houston has not been met with the the most enthusiastic of receptions. Most consider him to be a second-rate contingency option after the failed LeBron coup. Moreover, his single miserable season with the Oklahoma City Thunder has left supporters to question if he actually brings more harm than good.

Anthony is having none of this, and his recent NSFW response is just proof there’s still a lot of fire in his belly.

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