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Carmelo Anthony does not want to talk about his future

Carmelo Anthony

New Houston Rockets recruit Carmelo Anthony is intent on taking his career one year at a time. The 34-year-old made this abundantly clear in a recent interview when he was asked about his future plans.

“I don’t like talking about it,” Anthony said Saturday before the team’s last practice at McNeese State before returning to Houston, via the Associated Press for the Boston Herald. “People always been speculating. They always speculate so I will continue not to talk about it.”

Then again, this may be Anthony just refusing to open up about his future to the general media, who has not exactly been kind to him over the past couple of years. Perhaps the 10-time All-Star already has a three to five-year plan in place, and is simply unwilling to discuss it publicly.

Although, given how things went for Anthony last year with the Oklahoma City Thunder, it is also very likely that he is no longer the highly-coveted franchise player he once was. He had a poor year in OKC and was traded for only to be bought out immediately by the Atlanta Hawks. In this respect, teams are not exactly lining up to sign Anthony, so maybe the future is not so bright after all for the former scoring champion.

This season will be a very important one for Anthony. How he fares with Rockets will be very telling about the type of future he will have in the league. Hopefully, Anthony is able to significantly contribute to the Rockets this season, thereby buying himself a few more years at the top level.

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