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Carmelo Anthony could wait until trade deadline to find new team

Carmelo Anthony, Bulls, Rockets

After mutually agreeing to part ways earlier this season, the Houston Rockets and Carmelo Anthony finally found a resolution to what has been an unsuccessful and forgettable pairing.

The Rockets have traded Carmelo Anthony to the Chicago Bulls, along with some cash considerations, officially ending the former All-Star’s brief stint with the team.

The Bulls are expected to waive Anthony, but according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, that might not happen until the trade deadline.

Carmelo Anthony will not play a game for the Bulls, but it is possible that franchise holds off on waiving him until the trade deadline, league sources tell ESPN. Bulls could include him in a one-for-one trade, but can’t aggregate his contract in another deal.

For Anthony, his best bet is waiting until the Feb. 7 trade deadline to find his next team. He can wait for roster spots to open, trades to happen, etc, that’ll create the best opportunity for him. Anthony wants to find a place to contribute.

Anthony hopes to still play for an NBA team this season, but while there’s a significant amount of interest from several teams, they are reluctant to strike a deal, especially since Melo already had an uninspiring stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder last season.

One of those teams, as Woj reported, is the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the Purple and Gold reportedly do not want to waive a guaranteed player just to open a roster spot for Anthony.

There’s also a possibility that Melo might not find a team at all this season, but one thing is for sure: nobody wants Anthony’s career to end this way, especially Melo himself.

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