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Ayesha Curry reacts to Houston restaurant getting 1-star reviews

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Even before opening its doors to the public, Ayesha Curry’s restaurant already got one-star reviews online. Finally, Curry sent out a response.

Via her Twitter account, Curry noted that Houston is her third location. She’s aware that the bad reviews that her restaurant has received were due to her being Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry’s wife. But she’s confident that once International Smoke opens, the food will speak for itself:

International Smoke, inspired by barbecue-style cooking, will open in Houston on July 5. But as observed in the screenshots below, it has received bad reviews mostly from Rockets fans. Instead of writing an objective review, most of them brought the Rockets-Warriors rivalry into the mix. Apparently, they are still bitter about being booted out in seven games in the Western Conference Finals.

According to Eric Sandler of Culture Map Houston, celebrity chef Michael Mina — Curry’s partner in the business —  said that they chose Houston as the destination mainly because of the city’s diversity. For him, this trait goes hand-in-hand with the restaurant’s global theme:

Diversity. We knew targeted locations where we wanted to go, markets we wanted to be in. Definitely was the diversity of the people that live here, because that’s what this menu is all about. The concept of the restaurant is based off that. Obviously, knowing that it’s a market we wanted to be in. We have other restaurants in a lot of cities. With International Smoke, it’s been really fun to say, what cities do we want to go to?

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