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Austin Rivers prompted Trevor Ariza to come in locker room after Clippers-Rockets game

Austin Rivers

The game between the L.A. Clippers and Houston Rockets on Monday night sure was chippy, but it was nothing compared to what took place after the game, and Austin Rivers was apparently in the middle of it.

Several Rockets players attempted to enter the Clippers locker room after the game, reportedly looking for Rivers and Blake Griffin. Staples Center security got involved, police was called. The scene was mayhem.

But Rivers apparently somewhat escalated the situation with a few choice words about Trevor Ariza, per Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated.

“A hallway runs between the Clippers locker room and the visitors locker room, where players from opposing teams often see each other and catch up. According to a Rockets source, Ariza was waiting on Griffin, and when the game ended he charged from the hallway into the Clips locker room. When Rivers spotted Ariza near the entrance, according to the source, he said: “Let his b—– a– come in.” Ariza then turned his attention to Rivers.”

The most interesting thing about this situation is Rivers was in street clothes for Monday’s game. He didn’t even play, as he’s still injured. So for him to talk smack during or after the game probably doesn’t help anything, especially using those precise words.

There were heavy emotions going into that game. It was Chris Paul’s return to Los Angeles after leaving in free agency, and the two teams have a playoff history. There was bound to be at least some moments that were rough and tumble.

But no one expected what transpired after the game. And Rivers, while likely trying to protect this teammates, could have made things worse.

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