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Austin Rivers: Expect fireworks when Clippers face Rockets

Austin Rivers

The L.A. Clippers have been forced to re-tool their roster after the departures of All-Star point guard Chris Paul and sharpshooter J.J. Redick, this time using the newly re-signed Blake Griffin as the centerpiece for their new look.

Combo guard Austin Rivers is bound to see an increased role with the team in the absence of Paul, needing a lot more of his scoring contributions — but it’ll be only a matter of time until the two see face-to-face.

“Yeah, that’ll be an interesting day,” Rivers told TMZ Sports. “For sure there will be a lot of emotion in that game, but that’s the beauty about sports.”

“Business and basketball are two different things, when they say ‘don’t take it personal’ but everybody does. You saw what happened when the Warriors played the Thunder, it don’t think it’ll be quite like that, but there’s definitely gonna be a lot of fireworks, if I had to take a guess.”

The Houston Rockets unloaded half of their roster in order to trade for Paul, even making consequent moves to ensure this to be a winning roster for the long run.

Both teams are bound to look vastly different and make this a day to circle when the two face each other for the first time.

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