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Astros’ Alex Bregman does a James Harden stare impersonation

Rockets, James Harden

Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros, who hit his 29th home run of the season, put on his Rockets guard James Harden impression during a post-game interview.

Check out Bregman’s attempt to imitate the Houston Rockets’ star’s stare. To give some context, Astros broadcaster Julia Morales asked Bregman about their upcoming series against the Nationals and Bregman responded:

Below is the original stare by Harden two years ago. To recall, he was asked by a sideline reporter whether or not he’s finally got his rhythm back after scoring 46 points in a win against the L.A. Clippers.

How did Bregman do? Was it close to the original or did he make the staredown his own trademark?

Either way, the sports teams over at Houston are definitely making some strides this year. The Rockets, for their part, will be welcoming their newest addition to the roster — Carmelo Anthony.

The acquisition didn’t exactly send waves all over the world. Partly because due to Anthony’s decline over the years. But Harden and company have voiced out their confidence. They believe that Anthony will be a critical part of their team. Though they didn’t exactly reveal anything, the Rockets crew said that they intend to put Anthony in the best position to succeed.

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