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Andrew Bogut posts cryptic tweet responding to LeBron James’ comments on China controversy

Andrew Bogut, LeBron James

Andrew Bogut had more than a few cents to dole out in the wake of LeBron James’ comments on the recent tiff between the NBA and China.

The longtime NBA center criticized the Los Angeles Lakers star for his position on the matter, which James relayed while speaking to reporters on Monday. LeBron passively blamed Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey for the timing of a tweet that set off a geopolitical firestorm between the league and its most revenue-friendly partner.

James’ comments were unlike his previous social activist and politically conscious comments, but were rather met with a wave of scorching criticism, as fans around the world knocked him for a selfish approach to the situation.

Bogut’s sentiments weren’t any different:

James has been notoriously critical of the current United States presidential regime, along with an audible backer of Black Lives Matter, as well as one of the biggest proponents of a bill that saw college athletes in California able to profit off their likeness. Yet he fell flat on this issue, coming across finger-pointy and petulant while calling Morey “uninformed” without any cause of proof that he was.

James’ explanation was merely a slew of contradictions with no sound base, but rather an impulsive measure to express his displeasure with the situation.

While it was Morey’s tweet that started this storm, the NBA’s non-apologetic statements caused the Chinese government to pull sponsors and media availabilities for the Lakers’ two games in China, which also resulted in several Lakers players missing out on endorsement deals and appearances.

That itself irked James, who had been quiet during his stay in China to avoid provoking the masses, only to do just that upon touching down in the City of Angels.

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