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Andrew Bogut calls out crazy fan theory involving spying Warriors

Andrew Bogut

Twitter is one of the largest social media websites in the world, but it sure has a plethora of engaged sport fans who spread their own weird ideas about what they believe is going on in the NBA. For example, some die-hard fan posted this odd report about Andrew Bogut being a double agent, spying on the Warriors and then attempting to give his secrets to other NBA teams.

Bogut has trying to get to Houston. Talking to Morey etc. Morey told him to wait until the deadline to see how the roster shapes up. Really wants to be a championship vet. One of his points to DM – “I know how GS plays – I can help, let me help you beat them, not only by my play, but by me knowing what they might run next, how they switch, etc.”

Wow. Bogut surprisingly read the conspiracy theory and had something to say about his name being in a fan-made report.

The claims by the fan were laughable, to say the least. To begin, no one needs Bogut’s help to figure out the Warriors. Watching film and studying the Warriors’ habits are useful enough. Second, Bogut was only present on the pre-Durant Warriors team, so any “vital information” he may have will be outdated. Lastly, the Rockets are pretty confident in their chances to beat the Warriors. Even if Bogut knew how to beat the Warriors, the hard part is actually doing it.

In any case, Bogut has clearly made it known that the whole report of him being a spy is completely false. Thus, it’s truly amazing what people will spread on social media.

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