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All NBA logos reimagined as Pokémon, both old and new


Some people just have too much time on their hands — enough to assemble an entire art portfolio of NBA logos reimagined as Pokemons. Imgur user deezlobs, is exactly that type of person, as he recently uploaded to the image-hosting site his complete work which shows NBA logos recreated using Pokemons as inspirations.

NBA logos as Pokemons


First introduced in 1996 as a video game, Pokemon went from being a niched interest to becoming a legitimate worldwide sensation, and one of the most influential media exports of Japanese culture. With its tremendous popularity, it’s not unusual to see Pokemons’ likeness be blended with other cultural domains regardless of how weird such fusions turn out just like in deezlobs’ said artwork.

Reigning NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors are renamed as the Golden State Wartortles, which is nice and perhaps an obvious choice of Pokemon given that Warriors and Wartortles sound alike. It’s not as obvious, however, as the Houston Rockets’, which were given the Team Rocket treatment. We could see that one from miles away.

It might also come across to some as a dead giveaway that the New York Knicks have Koffing as the bearer of their identity in the Pokemon world considering how stinky the organization has been for some years now.

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