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Adam Silver explains why Rockets star James Harden didn’t get suspended

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Houston Rockets star shooting guard James Harden has been at the center of NBA drama since the ending of the 2019-20 season. That hasn’t changed much coming to the 2020-21 season with the 31-year-old finding himself in a bit of trouble centered around some health violations.

While Harden was subjected to some reasonable fines following his violation of COVID-19 protocols, the former MVP won’t see any additional time off the floor after he finishes his quarantine period. Adam Silver appeared on ESPN and gave his explanation as to why the league office didn’t move to suspend Harden (via Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle).

In a way, Silver’s words and punishment sound lenient on Harden, signifying that the commissioner must be in the giving spirit with Christmas around the corner. The Rockets don’t play on Christmas Day, but allowing Harden to reenter the same environment as his teammates sooner than later can help make up for lost time.

Harden was thought to be the main person of interest in regards to the discombobulation surrounding the Rockets’ COVID-19 scare after he was spotted at an indoor club maskless in the past week, which violated safety measures.

The Rockets went into a COVID-19 frenzy on Wednesday following a few contact tracing policies centered around John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Kenyon Martin Jr. All three players had gotten haircuts outside of the Rockets’ facilities, which prompted contact tracing for all players involved.

While Wall and Cousins both returned negative COVID-19 test, they remained out of the Rockets season opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder, which was later canceled due to the Rockets not having enough active players.

Now all that is left for Harden to do is simply remain in quarantine. He should be ready for game action on Saturday against the Portland Trail Blazers.

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