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3 teams besides Lakers that should sign DeMarcus Cousins for NBA restart


At this point, the Los Angeles Lakers appear to be the frontrunners to sign DeMarcus Cousins in the coming days/weeks. After all, they were the last team the 29-year-old was affiliated with before he suffered an unfortunate ACL tear prior to the start of the 2019-20 season.

Rumors have been rife about the Lakers looking into re-signing Cousins for the remainder of the season now that the 6-foot-10 big man is healthy again, but aside from LA, there are also a number of other interesting destinations for the four-time All-Star.

Miami Heat

Aside from the Lakers, the Miami Heat have also been previously linked to a move to bring DeMarcus Cousins to their squad. Earlier reports stated that Heat was actually one of the teams that pursued Cousins last summer before he ultimately put pen to paper on a deal with the Lakers.

Gone are the days of Cousins serving as the team’s starting center. He’s suffered a couple of major injuries since his heyday, and will likely serve as a backup center for whichever team he signs for. Then again, things could change pretty quickly depending on how fast Cousins gets up to speed. After all, he is just a couple of seasons removed from averaging 25 and 13.

Right now, the Heat are using Bam Adebayo as an undersized five, so once Cousins gets rolling again, it would not be a bad idea for Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra to try and Adebayo-Cousins frontcourt pairing.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets have been notoriously persistent about making do with their small-ball lineup. It actually has been working for them, so why fix anything if it ain’t broke, right?

You have to note, however, that it’s going to be a different story in the playoffs. Houston cannot afford not to have a legitimate big man in their lineup come the postseason. Based on their current standing (sixth), they will be pitted against the Denver Nuggets (third) in the first round, so in that case, what do they intend to do about Nikola Jokic?

Currently, Isiah Hartenstein and Tyson Chandler are the two other centers listed on their roster. Who could argue against the fact that DeMarcus Cousins would be a total upgrade from either of these two? Cousins even probably brings more to the table than Hartenstein and Chandler combined at this point.

Milwaukee Bucks

Other than the Lakers, the Milwaukee Bucks have the most to gain with signing Cousins. This team stands out as one of the heavy favorites to lift the title at the end of the season, and as it stands, they already have quite a formidable lineup. Then again, adding a guy like Cousins to the mix should do more good than harm, right?

Cousins went to the Finals with the Golden State Warriors last year, and this is not something this current Bucks side has achieved. Cousins’ experience is something he can potentially impart with Giannis Antetokounmpo and the rest of the Bucks. Boogie is also definitely still in the hunt for the elusive chip, and Milwaukee is one of the best teams that can give him that opportunity.

As with any other team, there is always a risk in signing Cousins. He has shown in the past how his attitude sometimes gets in the way of him reaching his full potential. This is something the Bucks will need to consider, and determine if the reward far outweighs the risk.

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